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Word-Y Wednesday: Pick Up Six - Reading with Bean

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Word-Y Wednesday: Pick Up Six

{Instead of Wordless Wednesday, I am instituting Word-Y Wednesday. What’s the use of having your own blog if you can’t change the rules once in a while, right?  Word-Y Wednesday will be quick tips and solutions to literacy-related situations.}

Seeing the above piles of books in my local library got me thinking about ways to engage kids in picking out their own library books.

Picking out library books with your children can often be difficult. Sometimes it is a breeze, you know exactly what you are looking for, and you are in and out faster than the librarian can say hello. But other times you wing it, hoping to find something that you and your child will want to read, and the only thing you find is yourself getting more irritated and more annoyed with the library. I have seen many a parent dragging their child through the library shelves, “How about this one? Or this one?..No…No…..Ok, just pick  some books so we can go home, please.”

I have a solution. I call this game Pick up Six. 

Rules of Pick Up Six

1. Establish boundaries and set the stopwatch for 5 minutes. You might want to set the countdown to vibrate only upon 0:00. I don’t want to be responsible for having you removed from the library because an iPhone fire alarm sound-alike disrupted everyone within a 100 foot radius.

2. In those 5 minutes you and your child each have to pick 6 books from the shelves.

3. Once the 5 minutes are up, you come together and pick 3 books from each of your piles. You pick 3 from their pile, and they pick 3 from your pile. Take a little more time to do this – in other words, don’t let them just pick the pretty covers. The rest are put on the re-shelf rack.

4. Check the books out and have fun exploring some new stories!

Your child just got to choose all the books on their own, but you provided a filter on both ends. And you just found 6 books in 5 minutes (or close to that). They may not all be awesome, but you will both get better and better at this and will very quickly learn how to pick the great ones.

*To mix it up you could do different sections on different weeks. One week could be picture books, another could be non-fiction, another poetry, etc…




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