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The Tooth Fairy  - Reading with Bean

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The Tooth Fairy 

A couple of years ago I had a student who lost his tooth in school. I remember hearing one of his friends say to him, “Now you can see if the tooth fairy is real. Don’t tell your parents you lost your tooth, and see what happens!” I happened to overhear this little conversation and instantly emailed his parents. His mom emailed me back the next day saying that he had come home and told them about his tooth. Sometimes, we just aren’t ready to know the truth…

When I was little my dad loved playing up the Tooth Fairy. Like any child, I was incredibly passionate about this winged, tooth seeking fairy (and what she/ he was bringing me), and wanted to know what happened in every circumstance.  One time I lost my newly sprung tooth. It fell under the boards of the back deck when I was showing it off.  Devastating, this was, for a 6 year old. But Dad had a solution. He wrote the tooth fairy a very formal letter, requesting that she/ he leave me my money despite this loss of tooth, no pun intended. The tooth fairy did as instructed, and my 50 cents was left under my pillow. I didn’t really read the note that was put under my pillow, but years later it sits in my childhood album:

 Dear Toothy,

I lost my friggin’ tooth under the back deck. Please find it and leave me my loot.

Sincerely, Lori

My dad also had a way of knowing just how to interact with Santa as well. On Christmas Eve I was instructed to leave Santa Christmas cookies and a drink of Myers Rum and orange juice . This concoction also happened to be my dad’s favorite drink, and I remember thinking how normal it was that Santa liked my Dad’s drink. 

Back to the fairy we all love….

The tooth fairy is a creature that we all want to know more about. Your children especially. Answering those questions is sometimes hard, but here are a few books that can help:

You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? 

It’s a hard life….but some fairy’s got to do it!

What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With our Teeth? by Denise Barry and Andy Boerger

From stars to snowflakes to oyster pearls, this story helps us imagine all the different ways our teeth are used by the Tooth Fairy.

The Night the Tooth Fairy Did not Come by Amy Louhela

Dear Tooth Fairy by Vanessa Cabban

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof, Tooth Traditions from Around the World 

I love learning about teeth loss around the world!


  1. I love this post. Your dad’ s letter reeks of my kind of humor. What a great guy. How and where are you?

  2. Just saw this, what a hysterical letter, I love it! Hope all is well xox

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