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The Read Aloud: What It Is - Reading with Bean

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The Read Aloud: What It Is

Reading aloud (also sometimes written as reading out loud) is when you sit down with your child and read a book together. Again, it’s when you read TO your child. Your child can contribute in many ways, but you, the adult, should be the one reading. This is a time for your child to sit back, listen, think about the book, and observe how you work with books.

At times in a read aloud, you may ask your child to chime in at certain points. Reading aloud doesn’t mean you are the only one talking, it just means that you should take on the task of reading. By all means, have your child point to pictures, point to words, and become involved. But by not having them actually read the book, a lot of the pressure dissipates and reading can be enjoyable. Your child can focus on the story and not the words that they may or may not know. Reading aloud is a great strategy for encouraging a child who does not want to read.

Reading aloud should start when your child is very young, ideally an infant, and should continue until roughly 4th/5th grade, or beyond if your child will let you. Once they are a fluent, independent reader they may not want to have you read aloud to them anymore. However, try to keep it up, for as long as they will allow. The benefits are long-lasting.

Bean and her dad read Guess How Much I Love You? last night.

What did you read?


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