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The Nap Goes Down - Reading with Bean

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The Nap Goes Down

We just got back from three weeks away, visiting family. We went back East and spent three weeks at the humid, wet, salty beach, on an island off of New York. It was a wonderful contrast to our high altitude, dry, mountain life. In that short three weeks Bean has moved into a big girl bed and has been potty trained (by her 8 year old cousin). She returned to Colorado a whole new girl, with confidence bursting from her smile and Elmo panties on her bum.

Before we had left, Bean had started dropping her nap. The struggling to go to sleep at nap time increased, the singing to and playing with her animals increased, and now that she can speak very well she was yelling, I wake up now! I wake up now! over and over again. So nap time began to turn into rest time.

Rest time is more for Mom than Bean, truth be told. Yes, she does need a break from toys and running around the house as well as  some alone time to recharge, but Mom needs this as well. Hanging out with a toddler all day is the purest form of ADD.

Pre vacation, rest time looked like this: read a book with Bean and then leave her in her crib with a pile of board books. She would pretend read to her animals, put her animals down to naps, and then roll around looking at the pictures of her book. A fair amount of singing and squawking also took place. Then vacation happened. Rest time really stunk on our vacation.  I was horrible at it. We’d be at the beach and I didn’t want to leave to have her rest. So we would stay and skip it that day. Or some days rest time was super short because I would get a text from my friend saying that it was go time on an activity. Some days rest time was my father reading to her…which turned into my dad showing her every little gadget in his bedroom.

So now we are back. We are doing rest time the RIGHT way going forward. I am looking at this time as her time to sit back and relax with books. This is the beginning of the time where she will handle books as she wants, use them for her needs, and take new things from them. I really love witnessing this….all the modeling that my husband and I have done, reading to her all the time, is being processed and emulated during rest time. Her life in literacy goes one step farther.

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