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Thankful for the Dragon, Sea Monster, Pig and Goose. - Reading with Bean

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Дървени греди за покрив

Thankful for the Dragon, Sea Monster, Pig and Goose.

A muffin obsessed dragon, a purple sea monster with a purpose, a sundae slurping pig, and a book carrying goose named Petunia…this combination of creatures is what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. 

My favorite book as a child was a book called The Muffin Muncher. It was written by a man named Stephen Cosgrove who founded his own small publishing company called Serendipity Press. He wrote and published many books, and if you own any of them today, hold on to them. They are out of print and were wonderful stories of animals who learned valuable lessons. His books all had a moral to them, not that I had figured that out when I was little, unfortunately. When I am honest with myself, I think The Muffin Muncher was a favorite because there were muffins involved.

I have memories of reading the book Yummers over and over with my mom. Again, a pig who eats sweets. I am seeing a theme in my choices as a child…I read this book to my niece and nephew last summer, and after not reading the book for a good 20 years, I was shocked at what was going on: the pig was binge eating.

I could go on and tell you all about the plots and characters in these books, but really, I would have to go on Amazon to read excerpts because I honestly don’t remember much beyond that one picture that I have kept in my head: the dragon cooking the muffins, the sea monster floating in garbage, the pig upset with a belly ache, and the goose proudly toting around her book of knowledge. The stories weren’t really the reason I loved these books so much. The memories of reading them was.

My mom and dad were great at reading and telling stories. At night, when it was wind down time in my house, one parent would sit with me in bed and read. When I think about it real hard, I can feel my white and red polka dot nightgown and clearly see the stitches on my bright green flowered comforter. My pink and green wallpaper warmed my room, and the lamp next to my bed provided just enough light to read, but not enough light to keep me awake for too long. These memories are vivid and warm, and thinking back to them, I realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful memories.

These books are still at my parent’s home. I just called my mom the other day to remind her not to do anything with them. I can’t wait to read these books to Bean. I can’t wait to tell her how much I loved them as a child, and to see her reaction when she turns each page. I can’t wait to collect more books that I loved as a child (and I might just have some in my Amazon cart right now).

While there are so many new books out there, don’t forget to share the books you loved as a child with your children. They might not have glorious and shiny pictures, and they might not make sounds and have a movie follow-up. They will be dated, they may have simple pictures, and the words may even sound silly…but they were meaningful to you. Share them. Make new memories.

So, my Proud Petunia, my Marvelous Muffin Muncher, my Serene Sea Monster, and my Insatiable Swine, cheers to you this Thanksgiving. Thank you for the memories.


  1. Oh, Lor this was such a sweet post. You can tell how much you love to read these kids books. And I love the vintage books too, the books from our childhood. We had a reading marathon tonight, my kids are completely obsessed with Pete the Cat. Fun night reading…

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