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Stages of Reading Development - Reading with Bean

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Stages of Reading Development

Learning that words have meaning and reading start at a very early age. For the sake of keeping this blog  focused, I am choosing to write for a parent audience of certain types of readers.

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Here are the different stages of reading I will focus on: 

*Notice that there are no grade levels attached. Every reader evolves at a different pace.

Emergent Reader-

  • Relies on the pictures to gather information about the story’s meaning.
  • Understands that the actual message comes from the printed text.
  • Realizes that the reader moves from left to right across the text.
  • Points to words as they begin recognition.
  • Locates words that s/he knows in text.
  • Begins to develop phonemic awareness, an understanding that words are made up of a series of sounds.

Early Reader-

  • May still rely on pictures to gather information about the story’s meaning.
  • Does not need to point to words unless a problem is encountered.
  •  Is developing a larger sight word vocabulary.
  • Begins to notice errors and attempts to correct them.
  • Is beginning to use more than one reading strategy.
  • Begins to attend to punctuation and sometimes uses expression while reading.

Transitional Reader-

  • Relies less on pictures to gather information about the story’s meaning.
  • Begins to use multiple strategies to problem solve unknown words.
  • Is more consistent with noticing and correcting errors.
  • Begins to increase vocabulary which allows them to focus more on meaning.
  • Attends to punctuation and reads with phrasing and expression.
  • Begins to take part in silent reading.

Fluent Reader-

  • Selects a variety of “just-right” texts for varying purposes.
  • Uses multiple strategies to problem solve unknown words quickly.
  • Corrects all significant errors quickly and by themselves.
  • Reads a variety of genres such as fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, mystery, poetry, etc.
  • Reads out loud with expression and at an appropriate rate.
  • Reads silently a lot of the time.

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