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Doorway Dialogues - Reading with Bean

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Doorway Dialogues

After ten years in the classroom I chose to leave. My daughter, Bean, would have been 5 months old when I went back to work, and I just didn’t want to miss her milestones. I wanted to savor every moment of my first parenting experience. But, I LOVE teaching, and I love working with children, so it was an incredibly difficult decision. To this day I am not sure I made the right choice. I would never give back any of my Bean time, but I do feel as if a part of me is missing.

Seven months post-baby, I feel ready for something. I am still adoring my moments with Bean, but know that my desire to teach is brewing. My brain is aching for knowledge and involvement, and I have an even clearer picture of why I teach. I have always prided myself on my ability to assimilate and dig in, and although I have assimilated and dug into the world of Mommy, I feel a hole.

So, I enter the world of blogging.

At the end of each teaching day I would have doorway dialogues. These chit chats were with parents who were coming in to pick up their child, but also wanted feedback or ideas on something. 99% of the time they had questions about reading.

He doesn’t like to read at home.

She won’t let me read to her. 

What do I do if she makes a mistake when I am reading with her? 

We can’t find any books she’s interested in.

He wants to read Captain Underpants all the time.

These are questions and statements I can address. This blog will be a place for you to gather tips and information on how to help your child with reading. Sit back, relax, and learn how to read with your Bean.


  1. Yay, and you’re off. First steps are baby steps. Congrats!

  2. I love the new look and the subtle patterning in the background. How’s it all going?

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