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Index of Posts - Reading with Bean

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Index of Posts

Help for Parents 



The Story Savior 

Beating the Monsters – use books to get through nightmares

Resolutions, Goals…A How-To for 2014 

Choices. Choices.

Book Wizards Do Exist – help finding appropriately leveled books

Attn: Switch Witch

A Kitchen of Books – tips for organizing your child’s book library

My Love Affair With Timers – using timers gets everyone going!

The Book Nook Hook  – help your child find a special reading spot

Pick up Six – strategy for picking books in the library

The Read Aloud: What it is

The Read Aloud: Develop Habits

The Read Aloud: Model Fluency 

Exposure is Easy. Tips! 

Ted Talk: GRIT 

Ted Talk: What Adults Can Learn From Kids 

 Dessert Books – when your child wants to read something that is too hard

Reluctant Readers

Poetry for Every Day

A Unique Audience – reading that takes the pressure off

Don’t Poo Poo the Potty – don’t underestimate potty talk books

Cookbooks: Not just for Cooking

Helping Reluctant Readers – an important post for every parent

The Read Aloud : Interest



The Read Aloud: Comprehension, Part 1  and Part 2

Taking a Picture Walk

Non-Fiction Love

The 5Rs: Encouraging Early Literacy Skills

Use the Pictures

Independent Reading: Bring on a Series


Interest in Books and Reading

Vintage Books – YES!

Book it to the Store. Gifts for the Holidays, or the Every Day.

Thankful for the Dragon, Sea Monster, Pig and Goose

Sharing the Rhino, My Adored Animal.


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