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How to Use Book Notes - Reading with Bean

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How to Use Book Notes

If you have read some of my posts about reading aloud, then you will hopefully have a renewed or continued desire to read aloud with your child.

My Book Notes series are for you read aloud ‘ers out there. Book Notes are my recommended picture books for you and your child to read aloud together. Unless otherwise stated, the books will be appropriate for all level readers.

My Book Note will have the gist of the story (because we all like a brief synopsis), why I like the book (besides the pretty picture on the cover), and most importantly, I will give some read aloud tips. These tips will help your child comprehend the book better.

These tips are meant to be used while reading, not after the book is over. You want to engage conversation about the story. Try to do this in a natural way so your child doesn’t feel pressure to answer a quiz-like question. Also, this is stated on the Book Note, but when you are reading aloud with your child they will become frustrated if you stop all the time. So try only to use 1-2 of these prompts per book.

Explanation of Tips

Preview –  when you flip through a book to guess what the book is about.

Predict –  when you make a guess as to what will happen. Children like to follow these guesses through to see if they are right.

Connect – when a child connects to the feelings of a character or to an event. Your child will want to share that they felt the same way / did the same thing.

Visualize – when you picture the story in your head. Building mental images makes the story more meaningful and visual, increasing comprehension.

Often times I will give specific examples within the Book Note. Use my suggested prompts or come up with your own!