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Book Notes: Baby Penguins Everywhere - Reading with Bean

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Book Notes: Baby Penguins Everywhere

The Gist –
A mama penguin discovers that having babies is chaotic, and learns that a little alone time is all she needs.

Why I like Baby Penguins Everywhere
This book is for the toddler, pre-K and K-1 crowd. The words are few, leaving lots of time to take in the glorious pictures. Melissa Guion, the author and illustrator, is a master at creating playful and simple works of art. On each page there is so much to look at, images that are the same ( there are a lot of adorable baby penguins in here) yet very, very different.

Read Aloud Tips for Baby Penguins Everywhere
(read How to Use Book Notes if you are confused)

* You don’t have to do all of these, in fact, don’t do them all. Just pick one or two prompts per read aloud.

* The key to using these prompts is to making them conversational and natural. If you pull out a print out of questions or sound too probing, your child will read right through you. Be casual and they won’t know you are actually increasing their comprehension and growing interest in reading.

Preview –  It’s helpful to preview the books you will read aloud so you know when certain parts are coming. Your child should preview the book with you. Flip through the pages and take a picture walk, but don’t read the words yet. Have your child gather ideas about the book and what the book could possibly be about. This shouldn’t take long, maybe one minute for a shorter book and two for a longer book.  

Prediction –  Have your child make a prediction at either the beginning of the book, using the cover as your engagement, or at the end, when the book is over. You can ask them what they think this book is about, or if they make a prediction at the end, ask them what the baby penguins and mama will do in the next book (yes, there is another coming). They will read on with interest to find out if their prediction is correct, and will use their imaginations to think about what mama and babies are up to.

Connection –  At the end of the story, ask your child to connect this to their life. Model this for them. If it is not a detailed example, encourage the use of specific language. Example: Was there ever a time when you felt like you wanted some alone time? This could be a great conversation starter on how to play alone or spend time by themselves.

Visualization –  Ask your child to close their eyes and build a picture in t heir head of the page you are reading. A great page to do this on would be the one where mama sees a hat floating in the water. Another time to do this would be on the page when mama and baby penguins are so busy. Have your child explain what they see in their head, expressing details if they can.

Again, make these small tasks / questions fun. This is a time to connect with your child and maybe learn something about them that you didn’t know.

If you and your child enjoy this book, the soon to be released Baby Penguins Love Their Mama is equally as adorable. 


  1. Great piece! And I too am a big fan of Baby Penguins Everywhere. Love your prompts for parents. I do some work in my non-fiction writing life (parenting coach at http://www.familymattersny.com) with Parenting thru Picture Books. I’m def gonna share your advice! Oh, and my daughter’s nickname is Bean also. (Way too many connections, eh?)

    • readingwithbean

      Thanks so much, Alice! I just went to your site and read your bio and read a little about Saving Grace. I too am from the East Coast and head to Fire Island every summer to swim in the ocean and get my wave fix. 🙂

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