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The Book Nook Hook - Reading with Bean

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The Book Nook Hook

It’s cold in Colorado this morning and all I want to do is crawl into bed, pull the covers up, stuff every pillow behind me, and read my book. However, I have to be a mom, so that’s not going to happen…But this thought brings me to the idea of cozy book nooks.

A book nook is a special place you go to read. Adults tend to lean toward a cushy couch, or a pillow laden bed, but kids aim to squeeze themselves into tight little spaces. Having a book nook that your child uses solely for reading is a great way to encourage reading time. Going to the book nook becomes exciting and different, and they will share their book nook time with only their book. No adults or siblings allowed!  (Dogs and cats are allowed.)

I was emailing with a subscriber the other day and she mentioned that her daughter had a book nook in the bottom of the closet in their daughter’s room. They painted it, put comfy pillows in there and made it their daughter’s special place. What a great spot for a book nook! It is tight, private, and personal.

But creating a book nook doesn’t have to be very involved. Finding a book nook can be an easy and fun activity to do with your child.

Steps to Find a Book Nook in your House:

1. Go around the house with your child and find a spot in which they would want to read (keep safety in mind). This spot should be just for reading, hence it should be quiet and free of distraction. If your child enjoys looking at the fish tank and they pick a book nook right next to the fish tank, beware, not a lot of reading is going to take place…

2. Have them try out the potential nook; sit in there, see if there is anything in the way, or if there is anything potentially distracting, and ask them if they are comfortable and like sitting in that space. Bring a book (or a few) with you throughout this process and read a few pages to get the feel just right. Take this seriously. It is very important.

Potential Book Nooks:

  • bottom of your child’s closet
  • on a beanbag in their room
  • in the corner of a couch (fuzzy blankets and pillows are encouraged)
  • on their room floor with a mound of pillows
  • in a corner of a room (again, pillows are necessary…Do you see a trend?)
  • on a windowseat
  • in the leg area under a desk

The book nook is important because children often don’t see reading as relaxing and comfortable. Keeping children comfortable, relaxed and feeling like they are in a place meant just for them will help make reading a desired activity.

I have pinned some other book nooks found online, and if you are a DIY person with an extra closet, I found this fabulous POST on creating a book nook from Thrifty Decor Chick. Seriously awesome, and might just be on my MUST HAVE list in our next house.

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