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Back at it.

In Colorado, kids are back in school. Growing up an East Coast girl, when I moved to Colorado and found out that people went to school in August, I almost fainted. But wait…. there’s a big BUT….we get out in May, before Memorial Day. SO that makes up for the August heat and depressing return to school.

I write about this a lot, but like to stress it again when kids return to school.  Kids thrive on routine and boundaries. They need to know what their boundaries are in order to feel safe. If a child can control a situation and get everything they want, are their boundaries safe? They need to know who is in charge and that they will be taken care of. Within these boundaries there should be routine that you know will work for you and your family. Nightly reading, homework, dinner, bath, bed…these are all things your child depends on your help for. As they grow up we can give them more and more independence on accomplishing these tasks on their own, but establishing the routine is partly your responsibility.

In order to get nightly reading done, which a lot of children are easing back into right about now, I have some tips for you.

  1. Start small. Talk to your child’s teacher if your child is fighting nightly reading and agree to slowly ramp up the reading amount. Start with 5 minutes, go to 7 a week later and then 10 and so on…
  2. Make a reading space that is special and chosen by your child. Let them choose a special pillow or comfy blanket for the area. Let them make it theirs.
  3. Use a timing device. This shows them that it is a set amount of time (of which they can of course go over) but it is not just you saying and controlling the start and stop.
  4. Have a collection/ assortment  of books – reading doesn’t have to be one book read all at once. Have a basket of the books they want to read. Let their mood decide what they will read.
  5. Make book choice fun.  Make a date to do it! A special trip to the bookstore, or a fun hour at the library…whatever your fancy, this should be exciting! Think about their likes and find books that meet those needs.
  6. Communicate with your child’s teacher. Teachers always have great suggestions if something is not working! I will write a post about this down the line, but remember that the teacher/parent communication is KEY. You are working together to help your child. Remember this through the year.


  1. Lor, I’m so happy to see that you posted this fall! Will check back more updates 🙂 Lauren struggling with reading interest so we’re making it a priority/making it fun. Sam seems to love books, so happy about that!

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