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ATTN: Switch Witch - Reading with Bean

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ATTN: Switch Witch


Your children are dressed and ready to go, and you have a little bounce in your step. It’s Halloween and everyone is ready for a break out of the normal routine, some antics and fun, and yes, some sugar! It’s the one night a year (ok, maybe more than that) that I give myself the candy allowance. I honestly can not resist those little packets of peanut M&Ms. Since there are only about four in each Halloween-sized pack, I am forced to eat more than my portion of mini packs.

But, I live in Boulder, and you see your fair share of Chocolove being handed out. Chocolove is HANDS DOWN the BEST chocolate I have ever had. Period and DONE. Chocolove’s Extra Strong Dark Chocolate with 77% cocoa is perfection. I have to ration it when I buy a bar, and my husband and I will independently sneak into the pantry for a bite only to realize that the other has eaten more than their share of squares. And then, one day it’s gone. (By the way, I am not paid by Chocolove, or endorsed by them in any way. I only WISH I was.)

Whew…now that I have officially gotten my love of Chocolove out into the world I can move on to literacy. What does literacy have to do with Chocolove? Just ask the Switch Witch.

The Switch Witch is the witch who comes to rescue your children from the mounds of candy they have collected at Halloween. She/He swoops in the night after Halloween and swaps out a bag of candy for something equally as wonderful…equally as wonderful with a LOT less sugar. This year, I have some suggestions for the Switch Witch. So, if you see her/him please tell her/him to read this post.

The day and night after Halloween is a tough one. It is the worst day of the year in the teaching world. Children are tired, they’ve eaten their fair share of sugar, and they now want more. Lunch boxes at school contain a candy or two, and by 3 pm the class is dragging. I can only imagine what home is like past 3 pm. I am sure it goes something like this: your children come home to stare at their Halloween sack, or sort through their candy for the 20th time, you put the sack somewhere they can’t access it, and soon after the discussions about candy after dinner starts.

If you have not tried it, I suggest that this year your children leave their candy out for the Switch Witch. Don’t fret, your children can keep some candy, but the need to keep a whole sackful of sugar is just not necessary, in my opinion. To convince your child of this absolutely insane act, have them keep a certain number of candies – their favorites – and perhaps the number should relate to their age. Six years old, keep six candies. If candy is an issue at your house, you may want to do this the night of Halloween, right when you get home from trick-or-treating. This will make the whole thing a little less painful. The longer they hold onto that candy, the more they want it, and the more sad they will become about the separation.

The Switch Witch always gives something awesome in return for a bag of candy. The Switch Witch is known to be good with toys, but I want to suggest to the Switch Witch that some new, beautiful books take the place of toys this year. Switch Witch, if you are reading this, try something new and swap for some super special books this year: pop-up books, the lego books, or a great new series are my suggestions.

But Switch Witch, stay away from my Chocolove. That stays in my sack.



Some other Switch Witch Suggestions: 

  • Have your children write a note to the Switch Witch.
  • Preparing your child for this event is important. Since you know your child best, you must decide how to prepare them for this. Do you discuss this before trick or treating or do you talk about it after? Children like to have some level of control so have them make some important decisions about the Switch Witch. Where to leave the candy, how to organize it for the Switch Witch, etc. are decisions that they can make.
  • Make sure the Switch Witch gets rid of the candy fast. It would be a shame for your children to find remnants of the Switch Witch’s visit…


  1. Great idea, I love the idea of the Switch Witch, we’ll be using that this year 🙂

    • readingwithbean

      I love the idea too. I will definitely be using the Switch Witch when Bean is able to trick or treat…I kind of wish my parents had done something like that with me. My Halloween candy lingered until Christmas!

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