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September 2013 - Reading with Bean

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The Read Aloud: Comprehension, part 2

Why We Read Aloud: Increasing Comprehension – part 2       

Ok, so you’ve read The Read Aloud:  Comprehension, part 1, right?   Read more…

The Read Aloud: Comprehension, part 1

Not many children understand what they read. In my opinion, reading comprehension is by far, the most important thing in literacy instruction todayRead more…

Wordless Wednesday: Sir Kenneth Robinson

Sir Kenneth Robinson is one smart man.

Book Notes: The Table Sets Itself

The Gist —

Izzy and her friends (spoon, fork, knife, dish, napkin and cup) are excited to be able to finally set the table. Read more…

The Read Aloud: Interest

Interest. I know… You know this. But really, focus on it for one minute.

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The Read Aloud: What It Is

Reading aloud (also sometimes written as reading out loud) is when you sit down with your child and read a book together. Again, it’s when you read TO your child. Read more…

Exposure is Easy. Tips!

So how do we expose our children to more reading and books?

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Book Notes: ISH

The Gist —

In ISH, Ramon is frustrated because he can’t draw the perfect vase. He tosses each attempt away, only to find that his sister has been collecting his drawings.

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Wordless Wednesday: GRIT

I love this TEDTalk by Angela Lee Duckworth.

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Reading is HARD.

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Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to startExposure. Exposure Exposure.

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