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No Words…Wordless Books

Wordless books…I will be the first to admit that I should have been using them more as a teacher. I used them a few times for a few lessons, and I remember being shocked at how unique the teaching and learning experience was, but I didn’t use them nearly as much as I should have because there is so much else out there, so many books with words.

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Back at it.

In Colorado, kids are back in school. Growing up an East Coast girl, when I moved to Colorado and found out that people went to school in August, I almost fainted. Read more…

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The Nap Goes Down

We just got back from three weeks away, visiting family. We went back East and spent three weeks at the humid, wet, salty beach, on an island off of New York. It was a wonderful contrast to our high altitude, dry, mountain life.  Read more…


Tablet Love

Does your child fight you to use the iPad? Does your child resist reading at night? Does your child hate to practice their math facts with flash cards? Are you pulling your hair out over the fights about technology and unfinished homework? Read more…


Reading to the Toddler

Oh boy…the toddler reader. SAME. BOOKS. EVERY. NIGHT. It unfortunately makes you dread book time at night because you know that there are only 3-4 book choices, and you’ve read each about 100 times at this point. You do everything you can to divert their attention and read a new book, but the toddler NO takes over.

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The Tooth Fairy 

A couple of years ago I had a student who lost his tooth in school. I remember hearing one of his friends say to him, “Now you can see if the tooth fairy is real. Don’t tell your parents you lost your tooth, and see what happens!” Read more…

Chapter Books for the New Chapter Book Reader

I was talking with a friend the other day and she was asking me for chapter books for her first grade twins. Read more…

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Boys and Reading

Boys and reading…ahhhhh…where to begin? Read more…

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Bean’s Choice Awards: Engaging Books for 1 – 3 Year Olds

Bean just turned one. Huge milestone for her, and huge year for us. Read more…

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Dessert Books.

I was going through a student’s independent reading bag the other day. I do this periodically to make sure my students are reading the right material during their independent reading time. Read more…

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Checking In.

We all know children that check in. Bean checks in with me all day. Read more…

Some of my favorite picture walk books.

Taking a Picture Walk

A favorite part of my day is when I get to take a picture walk with my students.   Read more…

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Poetry: For Every Day

“My child doesn’t like to read.” Read more…


Non-Fiction Love

When I was little I was a great reader. I read a lot and I read often. I read fantasy, realistic fiction, fairy tales, folk tales, and I loved poetry. But I did not understand what I was reading. Read more…

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The Story Savior

When I was teaching third grade my students used to eat lunch in the classroom. Lunch was always crazy and loud because it is the time where my students could unwind, socialize and get some of their sillies out after a full morning of learning.

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